Saturday, January 14, 2012

1st Post in 2012

I don't know where should I start now because I do not really like my first month in this 2012... 2012 Resolution or my events or my most favorite music this month?? Okay, Let me start with my events...

This month events :

Starting from the bad ones first;
Just yesterday and two days ago, I lost in a News Reading competition, I didn't make it to final. Sad?? Yes, I was very sad, very very sad and now I am still sad, but regret?? Oh no, I won't regret... because now I know that I don't have the talent to speak in front of public and I don't own the charisma like every news presenter owns... But I will try again if next time there's a NR competition :DD I will never give up!! I will build up my charisma :))

GOOD LUCK Claristy, Fievielia, and Stevanie
All the best friends :D

A few days ago, 11 Jan, I received my report card and I was so shocked with my marks... It's horribly bad especially my maths and physics. I was so stressed that day, so depressed that I ate a lot of snacks, starting from a small box of chocolate, two packs of potato chips, an ice cream, and satay (Sate Padang) in just 4 hours. Both Sad and regret plus depressed and shocked... Dunno what to say anymore TT__TT but luckily I could receive my report if not,, I gonna killed myself that day...

Jan 10, I lost my Blacky (my dog) He's given to other people TT__TT I wanted him back!! How are you now Black?? Hope you and your new owner get along well :) I hope your new owner care you more than I care you... Love you :'(

Good ones;
I received a box of chocolate in my very first day of school :)) Happy?? OF COURSE!!! I love the chocolate, sweet girl :) Thanks a lot sweetie!!

A week ago, I finished my drawing :) will let you see in the next post. And I am also very happy because today, I am gonna finish my canvas-art. I will show both next post, ya??

Yesterday, I saw Adriana Salim's performance, She's great!! Just like her sister, Adeline Salim (I'm a secret fan of Ms Adeline), Adriana is very calm while performing NR... Her voice is almost exactly the same with her sister. But one thing, she lacks her smiles. But overall, from her dress, her voice, and her performance, she's just like professional!!

Okay, now, I am going to end this post :) Going to have an art lesson now!! love art♥♥ Bye"



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