Saturday, November 17, 2012

Artworks - 3

I am trying very hard to be the very best. It's only one month left before my departure but I am feeling not ready, not prepared...

I have finished several projects which are related to building-thingy. First one, I don't like it that much. Something is wrong with the proportions and the shading is very odd. The perspective is off too. This works is just bad.

A Distorted Bar?
Western-style living room
The Old bridge

And what I have to draw next is :
Finding the view points
perspective drawing (NOT tracing)

And this is my newest project and let me set a deadline.
Deadline : Next month!  (9-__-)9 go Kenneth


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Party or Chaos?

Today was yet another hectic day for me. You see, I woke up at 7AM and went to teach at 8AM and next, I had a lesson at 10.30 AM. Last, I went to teach again from 2PM - 5PM. Finally, we were having halloween party :D ( I guess it's a -__________- )

Okay, Let's talk about the party.

I was previously being placed in a room who would be working together with Ms. Yofrina butttttt.... I was suddenly asked to be my boss' assistant who would guide and help the students. I was told that I wasn't scary enough to be a ghost because I smile too much. Well, that wasn't a problem for me.

The real problem for me and most of the teachers was actually, the party. It's not well-organized. The party which was supposed to start at 7PM, started at 8PM instead. The decorations was quite okay but not with our room. Ours became "A Haunted Forest (in construction)" :P The ghost make-ups were pretty much fine as well, but again, not with mine. As my job is only patrolling, my make-up wasn't as scary as others, in fact, mine was not scary at all!! It's funny and... beautiful!!! (My friends said that) I was like, Oh My God!! Why could it be BEAUTIFUL??? Well, I guess they just wanted to tease me.. hahahaha... 

Then, the party. The party was quite a chaos for me and some other teachers. The reasons are, firstly, the party was quite unorganized. Secondly, the party allowed the whole students to come inside and enjoyed the over-crowded party. And thirdly, they weren't scared at all, only few were. Seriously!! What I thought that time was, "is this really a Halloween Party?"

It ended at almost 9PM and all seemed to be veryvery exhausted and I was no exception. I was pretty much tired yet I felt quite elated :) You know?? The make-ups by the native teachers were really really impressive. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to take some photos with them. But seriously, their make-ups were, indeed, very scary!

Doesn't matter when,
It's always a good time then.
Doesn't matter where,
It's always a good time there.

Good Time - Owl City feat. Carly Rae Jepsen

And, ONLY IEC JEMADI celebrated Halloween today. Although it was truly exhausting, we really really had a good time there. To end this post, here is one picture of some teachers who were putting on ghost make-ups. taa-daa
How is it?



Tuesday, October 30, 2012


"Dag.. Dig.. Dug.." my heart beat, beat very fast
in a room of 100+ people...

I talked, chatted, handed my papers to them, and like finally!!

My visa was approved so guys,


ps. I am going to tell you about visa and my horrid-and-embarrassing moment in Jakarta in my next post



Friday, September 28, 2012


It's Friday, Friday
Gotta get down on Friday
Everybody's looking forward to the weekend♪

"Friday" - Rebecca Black

Dear Friday

You've always been my most favorite day!! But I'm sorry to say that Today's Friday is a bad bad day although it ends up with good stuffs :)

Friday Morning

I get two classes to teach in the morning every Friday. It starts at 8 AM and ends 2 hours later, at about 10 AM. While I was teaching, I was asked by my boss to sub two classes in the afternoon.
At first I wanted to reject it for I should sub a WA class (kid class). Well actually, I was very lazy >< But... 
I got no choice because she really did beg for my availabilty to sub those classes. As a result, I had to skip my tuition, Art Tuition!!!!!!! :((

Friday Afternoon

This was the problem!!

As my father and I was about to get to work, my mom wanted to join us because she wanted to get a massage. Then, my sister also joined us since she got a piano tuition at 2 PM. 

We all were in the same car and SOMETHING TERRIBLE HAPPENED!! I didn't know why, but when we were at one big street, our car suddenly unleashed a large amount of fumes... My father asked my driver to turn the car off, but... it couldn't!! 
Panic struck!! I was panic, very very panic that time and so were my family and driver.
Then what happened was, he, I mean my driver, pulled out the car key and still, the car couldn't be turned off and this made us even more panic.
When a car key is pulled out, the car will automatically turn off. But this car was not. It's still 'Alive' and still unleashed lots of white fumes which covered the whole street.

It was in the middle on the street and all were ordered to move out from the car. There were motorcycles and cars who dared to pass the road, even when the red light was still on. Well, it was an order. The cars behind us quickly  gunned and no vehicles dared to go near the car. All chose to stay far behind our car.

My mom, sister and I quickly moved out from the car and went to a safer place to hide while my father and driver quickly ran for help. 

I believe in Miracle!! 
The car which many people, including I myself, thought would explode, did not explode but it turned off itself and stopped emitting white fumes...

After a few minutes,
all went back to normal again. All went normal!! Lucky for us :) I don't know what happened to our car, and I don't want to know that!!

You know, it was kinda embarrassing because everyone passing the street was looking and staring at our car and us... 

Friday Night

Last Friday Night♪
Yeah I think we broke the law
Always say we're gonna stop
Oh-- whoah -- oh
This Friday Night♪
Do it all AGAINNN...

"Last Friday Night" - Katy Perry

That embarrassing and deadly moment was indeed, going to be an unforgettable moment of mine. 

Well, my Friday ended up with good dinner :)

My mother and I had a dinner at Hotel Aryaduta in Medan. The hotel organizes a buffet dinner with Japanese and Korean concept, and it is only carried out every Friday night from 7 PM onwards :) 

it would cost around IDR 250,000 (with tax) per individual but if you got one HSBC credit card, you'll get a 50% discount ^^

Here are some photos I took,

Tempuras and Bread
Korean Fried Rice with Fish Fillet and Beef Bulgogi
Sushi Rolls - 1 :9
Sushi Rolls - 2 with Grilled Octopus with Peanut Sauce
Sushi Rolls - 3
Well, I wasn't really fond to eat raw stuffs but I would like to try one, so...

Unfinished Sashimi

But Unfortunately, I couldn't finish a dish... 
I left one raw fish.
Well, I tried not to think that it's still raw while I was eating.. 

My gf, kidding!! She's my Mom LOL

Well, the dishes were all mostly delicious :) But to be truthful, "Udon" and "Mie" were quite disappointing... And the fruit, I mean, the pineapple, was TOO SOUR!!

Well, it could be a worst afternoon but it was a nice night :)

Well it's a bye now...



Thursday, August 16, 2012

I believe in Miracle...

Kent's Inspiration 2012
Chapter 2 : I believe in Miracle...

Many nights we prayed, with no proof anyone could hear,
in our hearts a hopeful song, we barely understood♪

Now we are not afraid, although we know there's much to fear,
we were moving mountains longs, before we knew we could~♪

"When you believe" - Whitney Houston feat. Mariah Carey

Hey guys :D

proudly announcing the Chapter 2 of Kent's Inspiration 2012
I believe in Miracle...
Blog's Title
NEW chapter, NEW spirit!!
NEW CONCEPT (Black and white)

Many said that the year 2012 is going to be the end of our world. Some believe yet many don't believe it at all including me. And anyway, it's just only a rumor which was being exaggerated by many people. In fact, the year 2012, to me, is an exciting year.

"If there are no ups and downs in your life, 
it means you are dead." 
- FunnyMama
There are always ups and downs in everyone's life, meaning there are always good and bad things which would happen to everyone.

"Life is like a roller-coaster, 
sometimes you're up and sometimes you're down".

While you're on the top, you may feel satisfied for what you have achieved. But while you're on the bottom, you mustn't give up but try and work harder to reach the top again.

For many years, I have joined more than 10 news reading competition but never could I win (except Jonshon's competition and P2S1). I am, in fact, a hate-to-lose young man. I tried and tried and I never gave up and at last, A miracle happened... Claristy and I had thought that we're going to lose, although I still had the faith that we could win and really, we grabbed a gold in this competition. My hard work got paid at last, and I am truly grateful for what I have achieved in this last year's news reading competition :)
I would like to say that breaking up with a girl you love doesn't mean that your world already ends. In fact, she has given you the chance to change what you are lack of. Just let her go. She might feel much happier to walk with the man she likes, am I true? :)) I really wanna thank her for making me single. She has changed my life, she has changed me to become a more caring person :) Thank you and always be happy dearest Michelle. I promise I would be one more romantic and tender guy :)

Becoming a teacher is not easy and I know that! This year's April, I applied a job in teaching field at one local school. I would love to be an English teacher before I pursue my study there. First thought, I would not be eligible but it's wrong :D My letter was approved and I was called for tests. Miracle?? I guessed so... Then, I was at last called for interview. And at last, I am officially an English teacher at IEC (International Education Center), Medan.

Scoring 7 for the three subjects in IELTS and 7.5 in listening surprised me a lot!! I expected a higher score for my speaking and listening actually, but my reading? Is this a miracle?? I believed that the reading was too difficult and every IELTS participant knew that.
Never had I been so angry to anyone. Yesterday, I taught two classes in the afternoon. Those two classes I teach actually get a special session, called assembly - singing together with other classes. It is held every week. And you know?? I was unleashing my wrath to those two classes after the assembly session.

  • Everything went well in the beginning but when it's near the end of my own class, they went very wild. Even worse, a school staff came and checked my form class (2-4 PM). "Oh My God!!" "I was going to be killed", I thought. Then running... They really ran like crazy after the assembly and they even didn't care for what I commanded. I was about to scold them until a student in my class fell down because she's pushed by the running students. Wrath Unleashed. And they were all shocked and the class became quiet suddenly. This was the first class I scolded like that. 
  • The next class was also the same but they were even wilder than my own class. After the assembly session, they just kept running and ignored me completely. What happened was, the same school staff scolded my students. She caught my students running when they were going back to the class. And this was already the second time!! "I was really going to be killed!!", I thought. After going back to the class, I suddenly shouted angrily and they all suddenly kept quiet. I could say they were shocked by looking from their faces... hahaha... And this was the second class I scolded.
MIRACLE HAPPENED!!! I was not called by her. Really!! Nothing happened :)

And, I know that my grades are not really satisfying and I was really over-worrying about this.. Could I really be admitted into BC with these distressing scores? 
Could I? Could I?? Could I??? 
Then yesterday, after I finished my teaching and unleashed my wrath, my mobile phone rang, and it was from my father. I opened his message and found "Kamu diterima" meaning "you are accepted". I was like, WAAAAAAAAHHH!!! I was really happy!! Miracle?? 

Finally, I wanna say "thank you" for this blog for giving me chance to improve my writing and to share my experience to others :D and I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all the readers who have read my blog.. It is now more than 40,000 visitors who have been visiting my blog :DD

do you believe in miracle??
I do!! and I will always keep on believing!!

There can be miracles~ when you believe...

Though hope is frail, it's hard to kill♪

Who knows what miracles you can achieve

When you believe, somehow you will

You will when you believe~♪ 

"When You Believe" - Whitney Houston feat. Mariah Carey

Now let's play the Chapter 2 of Kent's Inspiration 2012. And I will become the main character in this game...

Kent's Inspiration 2012

Chapter 2 : I believe in Miracle...
journey begins...



Saturday, June 30, 2012

It's July 2012

Farewell June 2012!

June 2012 - this year's busiest month of mine

To me, teaching is the profession which everyone can do as everyone has ever been a student. Yeah, seriously!! 

I've worked at one local school since April 2012 and I work as an English teacher. I got lots of experiences from this occupation and now I'm having HOLIDAY after a long exhausting time... 
There are some advantages I can get from my new profession,

  • I am in the job where I must use my brain and mouth all the time
  • I can get to know lots of different kinds of students
  • I can train myself to be more patient :)
  • I am really challenged in this job!
There is "BUT"

  • I must check all of my students' work - essays, homework, tests
  • I have to work while my students are having holidays
  • I have to deal with my students who are uninterested in learning
  • I get relatively low salary (because I'm still new)
Since June 1st, I was commanded to make comments on my students and to supervise my classes for their Final Composition which took place from 30 May - 4 June and Final Written Test which was held from 14 - 19 June. It's the form teacher's must-do-job! And unluckily, I was the form teacher of three classes - level 2, level 9, and level 10.

Making comments was not as easy as I thought for it should be formal and long. And luckily it only took me 3 hours to complete the comments.. Fiuhh..

I was not only told to supervise and organize my classes for their Final Writing test, but also told to check and mark their essays TT__TT

Composition DONE!!
Next nightmare was to supervise my classes for their Final Written test. When I was supervising Level 9, I actually knew that some of my students were cheating. I just kept silent since I had also done such things in my school :PP but I didn't let them cheat all the time, so I sat behind them making them unable to cheat. Was I too hard on them?? hahaha..

Supervising DONE again!! 
Next horror was to check and mark their Test Paper

Mistakes in score would result in my boss sarcastic comments. It took me a week to finish all of these. I submitted those papers to my boss and let her check those stuffs. Luckily, I did no mistakes :)

Can you guess what's next??


Next was filling out the form, the score form I can say.. Filling out the form was the toughest work, I guess. I need not to make any mistakes and I had to count the averages, then I had to rank them and then I had to count their absence.. Really really many things to do, huh?

I made a mistake in counting the averages. Fortunately, my boss didn't scold me :) She just to told me to redo it again.. Fiuhh and Sighhh...

Well, I thought my nightmare has been over, BUT...


The next and final thing to do was filling out the SORs (Statement of Results). Anyway, they are report books called differently in this school.. hahaha... Not easy things to do anyway and I can say it's the second toughest work. Not even a single mistake should be made in this SORs. I filled out my students' scores, ranks, and I put my comments on their SORs.

And at last, everything is finish.. Fiuhh~♪

But it's still not finish actually since I should prepare my documents need to be submitted to my agent.. A copy of passport, report, testimonial, and.. a one-page-full essay (-_____-") I wrote my essay on Sunday and finished it on Sunday. It took me a day to finish this... Thanks to my friend, Linda who was willing to check and comment my essay :D Thanks a lotlotlot to her:DD

Other thing to mention: I learnt to drive a car with my parents last three weeks. I didn't feel very interested in driving a car anyway.. hahaha.. I was always scolded by my mom when I was trying to drive the car. How could she expect me to be good while I was just new to driving car? hahahaha..

And, bye JUNE 2012~
It's July now :D

What're your July wishes??

May all be blessed and be happy :D



Friday, June 08, 2012

IELTS Result

Hi guys!

Just gonna make a quick post today...
I just received my IELTS result yesterday :) and the result is

dag.. dig.. dugg.. 
dag.. dig..

"This is what I experienced as I checked my result..."

quite satisfying for me. don't reach my target but, yeah, I am already satisfied..

Candidate Number:******
Test Centre Number:*****
Test Date:26/05/2012

I got 7.0 for every section, except Listening which is 7.5

Well then, See you in my next post :))



Thursday, June 07, 2012

Golds to Celebrate

Helooo guys :)

P2S1 stands for "Pekan Prestasi Sutomo 1" is our school's annually competition... Now it's the 16th and held in June, previously it's held in January or February.

What I join in P2S1 is : Logo competition and Newsreading Couple

. . . Logo Competition . . .

The 16th P2S1 Logo I designed, looks like this :
They say that the Logo must not in 3d, so I made it like this.. haha.. The color red, green, blue and yellow must be used in the logo.. haha...

Well, the mascot is weird, isn't it?? hahaha... My friend said to me that the mascot looks very very funny and, of course, awkward.
I still don't know who wins this Logo Competition... But I really wish that I could win this competition :)) I want to donate another gold to H.O.T and I really want to win, really really want to win :)

. . .  Newsreading Couple . . .

This is the competition which is ONLY held in Sutomo 1 :)
I will regret, regret alotttttttt if I don't take part in this rare competition..

Good News : Claristy and I got GOLD in this competition :)

Yappp!! My first Gold in P2S1 :)) 
The most unexpected thing is we can win from Adriana (Adeline's sister) who  excels in newsreading thingy a lotttt.
Actually, I thought that we were not able to win the competition because we only practiced three times (practiced at 12.00 while the competition was at 1PM) and worse, we both made some mistakes in our performance but the fact is, 
hahaha.. :DD

Recent News : Fransisca just grabbed GOLD in Athletic competition :)
SECOND GOLD for H.O.T to celebrate :D

An artwork by Nemo (

dearest H.O.T,
Let's grab GOLD in our last P2S1 competition

GOLDS to Celebrate guys :)



Saturday, May 26, 2012

IELTS test

Hollaa guys :D

Today is Saturday, 26 May 2012!!! It's my first IELTS test..

Nervous, happy, feeling regret a little bit, sad, stress out, afraid, depressed, and bla.. bla.. bla..

Well Well, I wanna share today experience to you guys :DD

IELTS Listening
I was worrying like crazy about IELTS listening very much, but it's not very difficult

IELTS reading
I don't want to expect too much in this test :'(
3 very very long passages: (2 articles)
  • 12 YES/NO/NOT GIVEN question, 
  • match headings question (MOST DIFFICULT)
  • the rest is FILL IN THE BLANK
IELTS writing
Task 1 --> describe the two maps (there are some changes in the park)
Task 2 --> Government should spend money to support the arts, while some believe that it's better that they spend money to improve health and education.

IELTS speaking
Next Monday, Wish me luck guys :DD



Friday, May 25, 2012

Hey Linda!

Hi!! :DD

I wanna contribute this post to my friend, Linda!!


You're just so so so so so sosososososo AMAZINNGGG!!
Hahayy... Seems like she's going to treat me again this time... Lemme count, her IELTS... , then her first salary, then... her NUS scholarship!! Yahhhaa... 3 times... She's going to treat me THREE times!! sihiyyy :DD
You owe me three :PPPP



One more : Щ(ºДºщ) WHY DON'T YOU REPLY MY TWEET??!
my tweet, two/three days ago : "@Tofupop LINDAAAA!!!"
Hey Linda, you really didn't see my tweet or pretended not to see my tweet?? TT__TT


I actually wanna say, "CONGRATULATION" to you... But you didn't come.. haha..

Oh yeah... I have told teacher the good news, and teacher also seemed very grateful :DD

She also praised you!! She also said to me, "Wahh, you must be so happy to have a friend like her, so smart, so funny". (You must have known what I replied haha..)

Okay then, this post ends here...

Oh yeah, to all viewers, 

FIGHT.. FiGHT!!!!...(҂˘̀^˘́)9



Monday, May 14, 2012

18th Birthday

"Yay, it's May!!!" I shouted on every first day of May.

I love May very very much :D This year's May, 14 May 2012, have turned me 18. I'm grown up, no longer kids to anyone, except to my mom and dad :)

As the month of my birth, May means a lot to me. May is the month of Mother's Day, the month of Vesakha, the month of President Kennedy's birthday, and the month of my birthday :D (These are all I know haha...) But one thing which is so special to me: my birthday is on the week/day of Mother's day. I love you so much Mum :') Thank you Mum

My birthday wishes:
  • Be more mature
  • Let my past be my past, go on the present for my future :)
  • Pass IELTS :) 8 => my minimal target
  • Be more artistic, creative, and diligent :)
  • Be a good teacher to my students :)
  • Be slimmer
  • Be valuable to many people
  • Be a good boy at home :))
  • and BE A GOOD ARCHITECTURE STUDENT by January 2013 :)
I wanna thank all of my friends who sent me Happy Birthday greetings and wishes, specially to Jeje, my desk mate, who said "Happy Birthday" at 12 Midnight.. haha.. SUPER Thanks a lot Je.

One thing, one thing that made me sad today was when one of my friend said, "Happy Birthday and Long last" what? "Long last"??? It seriously broke my heart. And worse, it's retweeted by many of my friends haha.. But I really thank you all for remembering my birthday and sent me birthday greetings and wishes :)

Another announcement: I'm officially single XD Now, just a single boy who doesn't want to be in a special relationship...