Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Third Digital Painting

Haha.. today we meet again.. Just now, I was with my friend, giving a surprise for Linda... (That's why I was in a big hurry) Not a surprise actually, because I came late -_____- haha.. Well, I really want to see how Linda looks like when my friend, Jessica gave her a birthday cake.. Arrghh, I was late, latee... Happy Birthday Linda!! Hope you enjoy the cake :D

Anyway, what I want to share today is my third digital painting, entitled Angel (I copied it from Stephanie Valentin's work)... 9 hours with mouse!!! It took me 9 hours to complete this stuff.. -_____- The result, for me is not quite okay especially in the wing part... I don't know how to draw themm.. haha... I use Adobe Photoshop to draw this and now I know that the most important tools to digital paint are Brush, Smudge tool and the filter : Gaussian Blur..

This is it, with some edits from me...

a bit lousy, huh? don't you think so? I just want to make auroras but the result, ya know, it looks more like the angel is farting hahaha...

Oh yeah I'd like to say (although it's late) Merry Christmas!!



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