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Kent's Inspiration 2012

Hello guys :) 2012 is coming so soon… it’s 3 days to go… Isn’t time flowing so fast?? My 2011 was full of meaningful memories. It’s the year I experienced so many bad and good things; the year I can learn from my own experiences and mistakes… In the upcoming 2012, I’d like to announce that Kent’s Inspiration will change its look.

For the  header image, I'd use this picture

The picture background is taken from

For the background, I'd like to use this one

I choose this silver-gray theme and for the background I get Katy Perry colored in silver. Why do I choose silver-gray for 2012? And why do I choose a background of Katy Perry colored in silver?

Now I'll tell you why I love Katy Perry very much and how I began to become her biggest fan :D

Katy Perry is one of the most influential people in my life. I began to become the biggest fan of Katy Perry (Katy Cat) through her song, I Kissed A Girl, Hot 'N Cold and Thinking of You
I Kissed a girl (

Hot 'N Cold (
Thinking of You (
In 2010, She released her album, Teenage Dream, and released her first single of her album, California Gurls. I really love this song. Katy Perry here is very beautiful, the music video is very creative.. The music video is just too great!!

The California Gurl is shocked at the jelly bear who shows its middle finger

Katy Perry Climbing a snake to stay away from the other snakes
The California Gurl is Naked and laying on the pinky clouds
The California Gurl is ATTACKING!!
Katy Perry's second single of Teenage Dream Album is Teenage Dream :D
The Music Video is, yeah, not appropriate for teenagers below 18. But the song is really good, her voice is so stunning..

Teenage Dream Cover (
The song starts with Katy Perry in a car with her bf
Katy Perry looks beautiful here :D
Katy Perry and her friends dancing at the beach
Later, her third single, Firework was released and it soon became the most influential song to me. It gets a powerful meaning which bring a big change to me. Katy Perry, I LOVE YOU!!

The song begins
Katy Perry shooting Firework
Katy Perry singing "WHAATTT" (see the music video at 3:10)
The crowds are making a firework. In the middle is Katy Perry
The song gonna ends soon
Her latter singles; E.T, Last Friday Night(T.G.I.F), and The One that Got Away were big success in 2011 :) 
E.T. - I love Katy Perry's cover here (
Last Friday Night Cover (

The One that Got Away (

Katy Perry's hard work is payed. Her achievements in 2011 are WOOWW!! She is the only and the first woman who gets her 5 songs of her Teenage Dream Album reach the first in billboard hot 100. She is also the Artist of the Year 2011. Plus, She is one of the 10 most fascinating people 2011.. Congratulation to Katy Perry!! I love you so much♥ I'm really waiting for Katy Perry's next singles :DD

Katy Perry receiving an award from MTV - best collaboration VMA(
Katy Perry receiving an award from MTV - artist of the year VMA(
Why I choose silver-gray theme for my 2012 is because:
  • Silver is one of my favorite colors
  • Silver, to me, it's a symbol of inspirations and lucks
  • I want Silver colored my 2012 life
  • I want Silver before I obtain Gold
  • I want to turn my darkest dreams into silverish dreams
5 reasons, there should be more but I can’t tell you with words.. haha..
Oh yeah, I colored Katy Perry in silver because I want silver colored Katy Perry’s music in the upcoming 2012 :)

May all people dreams come true and may silver colored everyone’s life in the upcoming 2012 :) See you all in my next post.. Bye-bye..

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