Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!

I come back XD !!! Today, 22 December 2011, Mother's Day is celebrated here... And today's the last test in Sutomo I but... many students failed in physics including me.. Waargghh!!... Physics makes sick!!

Okay, just don't discuss that as it can ruin my too long holiday (14 days)!! too long, isn't it? I need more holidays to relax myself from the exhausting schedules... 


Happy Mother's Day, mommy!!

A gift from me : a big hug and a sweet kiss for my most beloved mother :)
A gift to me    : an F in physics TT__TT (F*CKING PHYSICS, I HATE YOU!!)

Thanks for mom's attention, affection, and love. Thank you for every good thing you say, give, and teach to me :) I LOVE YOU MOM ♥♥♥



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