Sunday, November 20, 2011


The "20.11.2011" will save a bad memory for me.. 
Well, I was really really mad and now I am still very upset!! How can I lose in the News Reading Competition?? How can I lose to the second and the third rank?? So funny...

Lemme tell you, the #2 is a super over-confident participant. She made a super funny gesture which in the true News Reading, overusing gestures are not allowed. In the closing of her news report, she made a "W" with her right hand and shouted "W News". How could she place the #2?? See, how unprofessional the judges are!

And then goes to the #3. The #3 is not very good. Her pronunciation is not very good, her intonation is very funny, very Indonesian accent!! She was not very good but how can she place the #3?? Maybe one thing, the judges are native Indonesians, so they let her placed the #3 (#1 and #2 are not native)...

You know, one of the judges said, "In News Reading, participant do not just merely reading but need to summarize the script by using 5W+1H, so it's not easy and bla..bla... " WTH is that?? As long as I know, in News Reading, participants should read what is written in the scripts and could add more additional information but not summarize information...

I am expressing my madness toward IMSI's News Reading judges who are both unprofessional and unqualified!! The IMSI should actually hire better judges... But those things had passed. It's no use for me to be so angry because nothing could change... Expressing it here in words really makes me better :D

Goodbye 20.11.2011!!


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