Thursday, October 27, 2011

1st Anniversary of Kent's Inspiration

Happy Birthday Kent's Inspiration, my lovely blog :D

A year has passed in this blog with 90 posts including this one... so quick!! My blog is now one-year-old :D I wish it can grow up much more well :p and be more useful to other people. All the best!!

Anyway, I wanna thank my blog for it has been my place where I can pour my feelings, my emotions, my problems, my experiences, and my favorite things... Well, writing blog can make my feelings much better, blogging enables me to share my favorite things, problems and experiences with others, but the most important is with blog, I can brush up my English :D Thank you blog

Happy first anniversary Kent's Inspiration!! I love you so much :D

to celebrate my blog's birthday and to end this post, let's celebrate it with Fireworks!! Let's sing together!!!!