Monday, September 05, 2011

Horror Movie: Insidious

I do not intend to spoil in this post but I consider "Insidious" to be quite an interesting western horror movie. Give it a watch.

Well, at first, I'm not that interested in watching this movie but I'm so  really curious about the movie. It states that 'it is not the house that is haunted' so what's the movie about? That's what I thought that time. I tried to explore the movie and I found it was okay, not bad. Does it make sense though? Not quite to me. It is predictable like every other western horror movie (only no sex in the movie). The music and the bass, however, are considered to be quite successful in bringing the horror theme in this movie
It is very interesting how sound can give you a heart attack. This is indeed what scared me a lot! The music here helps tons to intensify the horror!
Who is she? Neither ghost nor a demon. I am telling you, she is ...

For those who haven't seen it, give it a shot. goodbye :)


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