Wednesday, August 10, 2011


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Well, it's going to be her birthday soon, exactly this Saturday, 13 August 2011. And I still haven't thought of one good present for her.
Last time, I presented her my hand-made drawing. And she loved it, luckily...

Now, please help me think of something that girl loves so much... I don't have any good idea. I actually wanna buy a necklace for her but I'm afraid she will act very ill-feel and throw away my gift >< 

My second idea was to make her a birthday cake. Make not buy... What do you think? I think it's not quite a good idea because I'm afraid that I make a bad birthday cake for her and make her stomachache and ruin her birthday... No no no!!!
My third one was to give her a teddy bear. It was not a good idea actually. It  doesn't sound so special.. Want me to make her feel, like she's the only one in the worldd~ I want to give her something very special because maybe... Ahh forget about it...

I am still confused what to buy for her present... Any suggestion??

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