Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bye" Exam

Goodbye exams, I hate you!!

I was having examinations since last Monday and at last, it is now OVER!! haha... Goodbye exams!!

Well, I'd like to start from my first and worst examination, MATHEMATICS, chapter : Integral... I just could solve half of the questions (15/30) and I found myself so careless and too focus on my unsolved questions TT__TT it's a waste of time!! Huhh...

Next exam, Indonesian Literature and Language (Bahasa Indonesia). Quite difficult, I could say. Go on!! The next day, 17 August 2011, was Indonesia Independence Day, so that was a HOLIDAY!! But TT__TT I still had to prepare for the next day exam, Physics x__x Well, the physics test was much much easier than Mathematics!!

After physics, I had holiday on 19 August 2011, a holiday specially given to us, science students :D But it actually demands us to prepare for the next exam that was TT__TT Biology... I don't really like Biology but, at least, I could get at least 8 for my Biology :DD I am sure for it!! The next day was Sunday and day-off again haha..

Monday, 22 August 2010. It was my chemistry examination hahaha... Well, I am sure I just made one mistake, but let's see after I get my tabulation... And at last, Today was my last examination, Civics and English... The Civics was quite easy but the English, uhh, I was so damn foolish!! I changed two of my correct answers.. aarghhh!!

Well, I just hope I don't get so bad mark in Mathematics or I will be punished by my math teacher. I just have to get prepared for "vampire-jumping" TT__TT



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