Monday, August 29, 2011

Artworks - 2

Now that the camera has been fixed, I would like to show my works :)


What do you think??

Well, These are what I am going to finish as quickly as possible.
4 projects in a week -_______- 
drive me crazy . . .

A sketch of Living room
A blur sketch of a bedroom
a new project - 1

a new project - 2

Well, Art is super amazing!! Every move of your hand, your creativity, and your feeling or emotion, will create super works that are different from other people. All works are wonderful!! This is what art means to me...

Every person's hand works is unique! That's what art is!!



Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bye" Exam

Goodbye exams, I hate you!!

I was having examinations since last Monday and at last, it is now OVER!! haha... Goodbye exams!!

Well, I'd like to start from my first and worst examination, MATHEMATICS, chapter : Integral... I just could solve half of the questions (15/30) and I found myself so careless and too focus on my unsolved questions TT__TT it's a waste of time!! Huhh...

Next exam, Indonesian Literature and Language (Bahasa Indonesia). Quite difficult, I could say. Go on!! The next day, 17 August 2011, was Indonesia Independence Day, so that was a HOLIDAY!! But TT__TT I still had to prepare for the next day exam, Physics x__x Well, the physics test was much much easier than Mathematics!!

After physics, I had holiday on 19 August 2011, a holiday specially given to us, science students :D But it actually demands us to prepare for the next exam that was TT__TT Biology... I don't really like Biology but, at least, I could get at least 8 for my Biology :DD I am sure for it!! The next day was Sunday and day-off again haha..

Monday, 22 August 2010. It was my chemistry examination hahaha... Well, I am sure I just made one mistake, but let's see after I get my tabulation... And at last, Today was my last examination, Civics and English... The Civics was quite easy but the English, uhh, I was so damn foolish!! I changed two of my correct answers.. aarghhh!!

Well, I just hope I don't get so bad mark in Mathematics or I will be punished by my math teacher. I just have to get prepared for "vampire-jumping" TT__TT



Saturday, August 13, 2011

It's ....

Well, as my promise, I will tell ya :)

Today was....

I am very happy today. Today went very very well... I gave her a panda, a box of dark chocolate, and my unsuccessful handmade mini cake >< ya know, when I first gave her the presents, she kinda look very surprised haha..

I just hope that she like my presents.. About my unsuccessful cake, it's actually a chocolate mini cake... I don't know whether it's delicious or not, but she said that she loved it and her brother loved it too while my siblings don't like it. Did she really mean it? Or perhaps, did she said it to please me? haha...

Well, Today was the sweetest moment that I must NEVER forget!! It's going to be in my memory, ALWAYS!!



Thursday, August 11, 2011

Soon ;)

Soon... Soon...

It'll be her sweetest 17th :D I have prepared something special for her birthday :) A special handmade thing :DD

What is it?? Well, I will tell ya later in my next post, exactly tomorrow...

Wish me luck for tomorrow, okay :)



Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Happy Valentine Day| Valentine Day Wishes | Valentine Day Greetings |

Well, it's going to be her birthday soon, exactly this Saturday, 13 August 2011. And I still haven't thought of one good present for her.
Last time, I presented her my hand-made drawing. And she loved it, luckily...

Now, please help me think of something that girl loves so much... I don't have any good idea. I actually wanna buy a necklace for her but I'm afraid she will act very ill-feel and throw away my gift >< 

My second idea was to make her a birthday cake. Make not buy... What do you think? I think it's not quite a good idea because I'm afraid that I make a bad birthday cake for her and make her stomachache and ruin her birthday... No no no!!!
My third one was to give her a teddy bear. It was not a good idea actually. It  doesn't sound so special.. Want me to make her feel, like she's the only one in the worldd~ I want to give her something very special because maybe... Ahh forget about it...

I am still confused what to buy for her present... Any suggestion??