Sunday, July 24, 2011

Even More Burden!!

Every day with lots of Homework...

Every day with silly Homework...


Okay.. As I stated last time, this week, ALL subjects no exception for religion, are my homework... Oh God !!

It's a really big big big burden for me and for my other friends. Does the teacher think we just only need to do his/her homework?? There are still so much homework for us to do sir/madam... We need to prepare for the examination, for the university, for our future!!! Huhh!!

You should know that my chemistry homework is the worst... The numbers?? ohh, they are worst, the questions?? ohhh, they are hard to understand, the concepts?? I don't get them, the homework?? Ohhhhhh, too MANY!!

Okay Okay, It's no use to gibber here... hahaha... But anyway, Writing in this blog can make me feel better in feeling.