Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tag Game

Just checked out friends' blogs about this tagging thing. I was tagged anyway and that means I have to say some facts about myself. 

          The Rules          

Tagged person tell things about himself!
tag at least 10 people!
Go to their blogs and tell them!
Tag back is not allowed!
Finally, Enjoy!


10 facts about me :

I am one moody person1

       2I hate all kinds of sports except swimming.

Art is the only subject I'm interested in.3

  4 M.C Escher = source of inspiration.

I am very incredibly stubborn5 Yes! I am.

I love rain.  I mean the weather not a Korean actor.6

          7I smile a lot :)

 My father and I don’t really have a good relationship but I still love him.8

9I am a Katycat!

I don't talk much to strangers.10

Then, here are the 10 bloggers I'd like to tag :
* Linda * Angela * Aveline * Claristy * Juliana * Leonardy * Kendrick * Kelvin * Pramono * Hutomo



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