Monday, June 27, 2011

Medan Top 10 Creative Art & Design

Hello guys :D
Just wanta share my experience yesterday.

Yesterday, I participated in “Medan Top 10 Creative Art & Design” Competition which was held by The One Academy Penang… The competition took place in Cambridge Hotel. All participants should sketch at home and just colored in the competition period. Oh yeah, it’s about ‘ My Fantasy World ‘. The criteria to win the competition were :
1.       Creativity
2.       Originality
3.       Skills
4.       Color Combination
5.       *forget
---> Each worths 20%

I produced the super worst art works yesterday… Actually, I was so confident yesterday that I could win the competition but… I lost… huh… I regretted, really really regretted… I sketched in a rough paper and it was such a big mistake to use colored pencils… How foolish!!

Actually, I wanted to use charcoal but I thought that the juries wouldn’t like black and white art works. I thought they wanted colorful arts. There were 10 winners yesterday and my senior, Kevin Lowell, placed the first… Yeah, he ought to win actually, because he made a very creative and excellent works… Some of his works I got from facebook: (they’re digital arts)

by Kevin Lowell
by Kevin Lowell
Aren't they great??

I love his art works so much… I lost and felt a little disappointed. But, I got something new to learn that was: don’t use rough paper if I want to use colored pencils… haha…



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