Wednesday, June 01, 2011

It's Been A Long Time ...

Hello bloggers :D

It’s been a long time since I did not update my blog. It’s because I was facing the semester examination that, yeah, was very very very distressing and tiring… haha… Now, after not having updated my blog since last April, I would like to tell what happened in my May :)

May, 3 2011

It was my Chinese Birthday ( based on Lunar Calendar ). I did not celebrate my birthday at restaurant actually, just at home… haha… My mother ordered some delicious food. One that I loved so much is the “Sio Bak” ( grilled pork ). It’s really delicious actually because it’s so crunchy… But anyway, thanks to my parents who have celebrated my birthday at home :)

May, 14 2011

It was my birthday actually and I was very very very extremely happy to have known that my friend gave me a surprise… A very big surprise for me :))) They (Claristy, Fievielia, Catherine, Silviana, Stevanie, Jessica, Shenni, Lia, Maria, Kevin, Leonardy, and Martin) gave me happy birthday cupcakes that was very colorful, very bright and very very attractive. I was very happy :) thanks to all of my friends who have celebrated my birthday :) Not to mention that, two of my friends (Cynthia and Monica) also presented me a watch for my birthday gift :) Yeah, I love it so much because the watch color was green ( they really know my favorite color ). And my best friends, Jessica Justine, Jessica, Linda and Ali, gave me a gray T-shirt for my birthday present and I love it so much :))) Thank You :) But actually, What I was waiting for didn’t come. My girlfriend didn’t come to visit me.. huhh… No greet, no visit. I was very uhh, I could not say it… But anyway thanks to all of my friends :))) I actually wanna post some pictures but I didn’t own the photos. Oh yeah, I was planning to celebrate my birthday the next year when I graduate. But this is still just my plan…

May, 23 2011

It was the day of taking photos with classmates.
these photos were taken from

May, 25 2011 – June, 1 2011

The first day of semester examination began. For the second year of high school, the first examination was Chemistry ( My most favorite subject ). The first day went very well.. I thought I just made one mistake. But still don’t know.. haha… 

Then to the second day of the examination, May, 27 2011 ( It was a holiday on May, 26 2011), the examination was Maths and you know, It was very difficult for me. I did not know how to solve the trigonometry things. I thought I made more than five mistakes… huhu TT__TT

The next examination was Biology, the most distressing subject. I should memorize the Latin words that yeah, very hard to understand… I studied for more than five hours and during my tests, I found that was I learned very hard just came out a little and what I forgot about what I have learned came out more than I expected… Oh God TT__TT I guess I made about 6-7 mistakes.

On May, 30 2011, The Monday was my most most most distressing subject, Physics. But anyway, the test was kinda easy. I thought I made 1-2 mistakes. I was very happy to know that for I have not got a good score in my second monthly examination.

The next examination was my English examination and Nationality( PPKn ) examination. There were eighty questions ( 40 for English and another for PPKn ) and I found that it was so so  so tiring to circle the answer sheet… One thing that happened in my class during the examination was one of my friend was caught cheating by Mrs Tan Tjin Tjin ( the English test-maker ) who at that time supervised my class with another teacher. She was fierce and very strict… She directly took the girl student’s answer sheet and asked her to go out while the boy student’s answer sheet was erased by Mrs Tan ( only the English that was erased ). Both of them also got marked by Mrs Tan and I thought it was a good punishment to both of them. But anyway, the PPKn was quite easy but the English was uhh… I changed two of my correct answers into wrong… ooohhh… It seemed that I made 4 mistakes. Oohhhh……

The next examination was, I think, every student’s freedom. Bahasa Indonesia was the last examination. I bet few people only studied for the test because the test tested one’s feeling and luck… haha… You know, when a student chooses the answer that he thinks the most correct, the answer is not that… haha… quite weird. But anyway it was the last examination and YESSSSS!!!! We would be having a very long holiday. Yeahhh !!! Happy Holiday J

Now now, I am planning to add my drawing course for two days so I would be having my course 4 times a week... Hoorayy !!! And I was planning to have a computer lesson in Visitek ( Architecture program ) with my friend, Monica.



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