Tuesday, June 28, 2011

In A Dilemma

Hey guys, could you please give me a good suggestion?? I'm now in a big dilemma... It's about what major I am going to choose since I am now in the third year of senior high school...

Well, I really want to be both an architect and interior designer, actually. (It's not that I am greedy, but I want to master both exterior and interior of buildings) But the problem is, if I take those two majors, I will have to finish my study for 9 years (4 years for architect and 5 years for interior designer) and they are only bachelor degrees!! If I want to further my study, I should spend more 4 years to take master degree in both of the studies. so, the total is... Oh my goddd!!! approximately 13 years. Oh no no no no no no... So, it's a really big impossibility for me to study both majors. 

If I choose to enroll in architecture, my mom will send me to KL and I will study in 'Lim Kok Wing University' and will gonna take a master degree in Australia or in other country (but I want to further my study in America.. haha.. hope I can achieve it). If I choose to enroll in interior designer, my mom will send me to Penang and I will study in 'The One Academy' (only diploma) and will further my study ,yes, in other country also...

But now, here comes another ambition, that's to be a game developer... It's my father suggestion... He said to me that becoming a game developer will have brighter future than architect and interior designer. Game will conquer everyone everywhere in this world. Moreover, I know art. That's why he asked me to enroll in game development... And I seem to like it too...

Becoming an architect, the problem is, can I get a job easily? because everyone will not always build new houses. They will just renovate their house. so I think becoming an interior designer worths more. But becoming an architect is also my dream. And now, here comes a new ambition, that is to be a game developer... So what should I choose?? Please give me a suggestion :)



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