Wednesday, June 22, 2011



Yess It's 'eleven'.. What does it mean??

What I want to share today is 'Eleven'..


Today I went to school and I was the Eleventh...

Now.. got itt???

Okay.. Don't be confused...

Today I went to school and I was the eleventh from 53 students...

Got it??

Aha.. Yes.. It's my Class Rank...

Guys, ya know, I was quite surprised... I was sad yet happy... I was sad because I.. I was, in the first semester, the sixth. Now I was the eleventh.. haha... Yet, I was happy because I, actually, couldn't do my examination in monthly exam very well especially for mathematics hahahahaha...

"Life is like a roller-coaster. sometimes life can be wonderful, sometimes life can be very, uhh, distressing". 
I love that phrase... Yes it's true.. So we should not give up so easily. We should work and practice more because "practice makes perfect".

Now.. Now...

I was afraid actually.. I was so afraid that I got dumped into regular class... I DON'T WANTTTT !!!! Although I was the eleventh but I only scored 68 for my maths... Ohhhhhhhh !!!! But luckily I could get higher for my physics... God bless me! (-_/|\_-)

Okay.. Now do you wanna know who topped in my class?? Alright.. Lemme introduce them to you guys...

rank 10 ---------->>>> Gabriella Pratini

rank 9  ---------->>>> Silviana

rank 8  ---------->>>> Stevanie Angreny

rank 7  ---------->>>> Fredy Kurniawan

rank 6  ---------->>>> Kelvin Aliyanto

rank 5  ---------->>>> Filbert

rank 4  ---------->>>> Stevent

Now the top three :

rank 3  ---------->>>> Larry Djono

rank 2  ---------->>>> Shelly

and the best of the best in my class isssssssssssss :

rank 1  ---------->>>> Jessicaaaaa !!!!!! *prok prok (hands clapping)

Congratulation to all of you guys... Keep up the good work :D



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