Friday, April 22, 2011

The Sims 3 Home Design (2)

I just finished creating a house(?) kind of a weird house perhaps. It's just a novice design so sorry for the awful look. I still need a lot to learn and sorry for the terrible graphic! I mean, I just got a terrible video card.

I am so determined to produce much better design. Next time perhaps :)

Architecture - 1 [day show]
Architecture -2 [night show]
Architecture -3 [night show/front]
Architecture - 1 [day show/front]
The Front Gate
The interior - 1st floor
The interior - 2nd floor
The interior - 3rd floor
The inside
The Living Room -1
The Living Room -2
The Bar
The Kitchen
The Kitchen
The Dining Room
The Upstair Decoration
Main Bedroom

I will stop playing for a while since I have a graphic issue. Next time I am back I will have my design look more classier and better :)



  1. Err....please,allow me to ask.
    Why the bedrooms were engulfed in "brown" theme??
    Why you didn't choose the "rock" style as the other?

  2. haha... I love brown for my bedroom and I don't use rock but wallpaper for the wall... Rock theme isn't suitable for bedroom, so I use wallpaper :)
    and furthermore, If I use rock wall for my bedroom, don't you think it will look dirty?? :)