Tuesday, March 08, 2011

My Illustrator project

I couldn't believe it! I spent my whole two days sitting in front of my computer, doing my illustrator project, and using ONLY a mouse for the tool.

Well, it's really time consuming! and the result isn't that good I mean, I am not very satisfied with the come out result of my version of Katy Perry. It still looks far away from what I wanted to create. anw, below is 

Katy Perry (Kenneth's version)

Katy Perry is the celebrity I chose to work with in this project simply because she's sexy and gorgeous :) 
I love her eyes most but they look kind of horrible here. I'm sorry Katy. Well, Another mistake is when you look at her hand, you will notice that I have made a big mistake. Her hand is so big!! I really apologize for my foolish mistake. One more, she has big boobies but not shown in this project. 
Perhaps, these are the result of doing homework two days before the deadline (?)



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