Friday, March 18, 2011

Artworks - 1

R.I.P Kenneth's Physics.
May you rest in peace...

Aaaarggghhh.... Last time, on March 14, I was having physics test and it was extremely difficult. Actually I could do the five essays because they were easy but... How careless I was that time!! I forgot to put the minus sign ( - ). I don't know how to face when I receive my tabulation... 

But anyway, what I want to share today is not that but what I have done today :D

Guess what?? haha.. Today I am pretty happy, very very extremely happy actually, because I just finished my newest works.

Here is it :
This is what I drew today. How's it??

Anyway, the background is cloth painted white and black with special charcoal. I really spent a lot of time just to paint the background.
But if I ask you to compare with below, which do you think is best?



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