Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Great Farewell

Today's the last meeting with Yunita and there will be no more ELDS class as my senior will have their UN (National Examination) start soon.

Knowing the fact that I would not get critics and comments from her, no one would see my boring debate like she did, no one would encourage me to love debate like she did, and no one would teach me how to do news reading are perhaps the saddest thing. I will, indeed, miss her and her class so much... 

Today we all gathered and shared our experiences about ELDS, specially about her class - boring, fun, interesting, annoying, or ?
There were seven of us including class leader, Yunita. The one who shared the first experience in the class was her, followed by Leonardy, Anisa, Fievielia, me, Kevin, and Claristy. As a first speaker, she said something really touching.

But anyway, It was indeed a great moment that I would never ever forget. After sharing our experiences, we all gathered and took some photos, a usual and typical way to say farewell.

Farewell Yunita! Nail the UN!



Friday, March 18, 2011

Artworks - 1

R.I.P Kenneth's Physics.
May you rest in peace...

Aaaarggghhh.... Last time, on March 14, I was having physics test and it was extremely difficult. Actually I could do the five essays because they were easy but... How careless I was that time!! I forgot to put the minus sign ( - ). I don't know how to face when I receive my tabulation... 

But anyway, what I want to share today is not that but what I have done today :D

Guess what?? haha.. Today I am pretty happy, very very extremely happy actually, because I just finished my newest works.

Here is it :
This is what I drew today. How's it??

Anyway, the background is cloth painted white and black with special charcoal. I really spent a lot of time just to paint the background.
But if I ask you to compare with below, which do you think is best?



Tuesday, March 08, 2011

My Illustrator project

I couldn't believe it! I spent my whole two days sitting in front of my computer, doing my illustrator project, and using ONLY a mouse for the tool.

Well, it's really time consuming! and the result isn't that good I mean, I am not very satisfied with the come out result of my version of Katy Perry. It still looks far away from what I wanted to create. anw, below is 

Katy Perry (Kenneth's version)

Katy Perry is the celebrity I chose to work with in this project simply because she's sexy and gorgeous :) 
I love her eyes most but they look kind of horrible here. I'm sorry Katy. Well, Another mistake is when you look at her hand, you will notice that I have made a big mistake. Her hand is so big!! I really apologize for my foolish mistake. One more, she has big boobies but not shown in this project. 
Perhaps, these are the result of doing homework two days before the deadline (?)