Friday, February 04, 2011

The Sims 3 Home Design (1)

Today I will merely just post my very novice home result in The Sims 3.

starting from my so simple garage..

My simple Guest Room..

 My decorated Kitchen :DDD

Dining Room..

 Family Room

My First House in The Sims 3. Pretty much I have learnt the basic of building a house in the Sims 3



Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Prohibition during Chinese New Year

When celebrating Chinese New Year, a person should (actually, must)
  1. not wear black and white clothes because they symbolize DEATH.
  2. abstain from washing hair on the first day of CNY because doing so is thought to wash away luck or fortune.
  3. not use any brooms be it sweeping or dusting or even holding because on this day, it is associated with sweeping wealth away. No cleaning during CNY!
  4. avoid using any knives and scissors as they are believed to cut off people's fortune (only during that day tho).
  5. NOT say "4" (pronunced 'si' in hokkien)! It means death.
  6. refrain from speaking anything about horror stuffs and ghosts because they will bring bad luck.
  7. not lend ANY thing from ANY body! It is believed that if a person does so, he will be lending all the year.
  8. not break ANY things! Breaking things during this day infers that a person exposes himself to misfortune for the rest of the year.
  9. wear new clothes because new clothes symbolize new spirit.
  10. put on red clothes as red means bright, happiness and fortune.

Although these are just some kinds of old superstitions, I still sort of believe them. Well, it's best to avoid doing these stuffs during this day ;)

Well anyway, Happy Chinese New Year guys!