Sunday, January 09, 2011

Beginning post of 2011

haven't been posting since December 2010. I'm sorry.

anw, firstly I really wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy New year (should have said this last December) Well, that time I couldn't update my blog for I was lazy, I mean I was having my examinations at school. I was so extremely passed out.

anw, this update will all about be my personal things :)

January 1, 2011
That day was a cloudy day until my mom said, "Let's go to Prapat!"
I was like in between "Let's go!" and lazy cause I don't like going out but well, I chose to go :) I was bored at home.

Preparation ready, we were about to go until mom said, "Let's go back home." Well, I was kind of happy for it was cancelled. I didn't want to go there anyway and she cancelled her trip cause my mum had a bad feeling.

Night came and my father was about to buy dinner. When he turned on the car, the car broke down (-__-")7 Problem with the car's battery cause it should have been changed as it was running for quite a long period. Well, it didn't took us long to make it function back again luckily :)

January 3, 2011
That morning, I was, oh my god, extremely lazy to get up.
But like or not, I had to get up! My school started for the first day. 

Fully prepared then I went to school. Took me 10 minutes to walk. I entered my classroom and I was greeted by a friend of mine, Lia, the most cheerful lady in the class. Day passed so slowly :( Each lesson passed and my mood bar gradually went down slowly as shown in the formula below.
As an example,
When a student is having a holiday and he has nothing or no lesson to study, then his Lx is 0

MB = - ( 1 - 1/0 ) ; we know that 1 divided by 0 is 'undefined'.
MB = - (1 - undefined) ; we know that 'anything' +/- 'undefined' = 'undefined'.
So, his Mood bar is 'undefined' meaning: UNDEFINED HAPPINESS LOL

Another example,
When a student is having 5 lessons to study at school, then his Lx is 5

MB = - ( 1 - 1/5)
MB = - ( 1 - 0.2 )
So, his Mood bar is -0.8 >> Pretty Bad

One more example,
When a student is having 10 lessons to study, then his Lx is 10

MB = - ( 1 - 1/10)
MB = - ( 1 - 0.1)
So, his Modd bar is -0.9 >> going CRAZY, LOL

Anyway this is just a Silly FAKE-and-for-fun EQUATION! don't take it too seriously :)

January 8, 2011
Perhaps my most shocking moment in January. I was so perplexed to hear that I was the sixth in my class. I was... speechless but I was indeed happy :)
The names below are my classmates' with their rank shown in brackets :)

Larry Djono(1)our class monitor

   (2)Stevent Wongso
                                                    Fredy Kurniawan(4)
(5)Jeanne Wijaya

    Kenneth Anggara(6)the class treasurer

Gabriella Pratini, our class ex-secretary(7)
                               Kelvin Aliyanto(10)



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