Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2011's January Wishes

Before my January ends, I wish

1 I could finish my painting.

I couldn't even wish more. This is what I'm really wishing now!
This painting really gives me headache because it's pretty confusing. The waves are the most difficult ones. I should paint and wash, paint and wash  and repeat these steps again and again. Anw, I do watercolor painting and it's a technique in this medium :)

But it's fun anw, and because of that, my painting looks even more beautiful haha.. praise myself  :p

2 my pc get repaired.

Shit! Something goes wrong in my computer. 
have already called for the computer technician to come but he still hasn't shown off till now.
Giving him the opportunity to earn money but he declines by not showing off. Perhaps he doesn't want it (?)

    3 I could prepare for my chemistry.

I really wish that I could learn my chemistry. I did learn it anw but... It's just so hard for me to understand the organic compounds which my friend, Jessica, said it's so easy and interesting to understand. Really?

I could learn physics well. 4

I never like physics. Really! Physics is sick! The complex crazy formulas, illogical examples, silly theories and every single thing in physics never make me interested.

Yet I still have to learn Physics. Whether I like or not, I should learn physics to prepare for my upcoming test.
If not, I would probably get a red mark AGAIN :'( NOOOOO!!!!!!

5 Last of all, I want to win the new reading competition which will be held on this 29 January 2011.



Sunday, January 09, 2011

Beginning post of 2011

haven't been posting since December 2010. I'm sorry.

anw, firstly I really wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy New year (should have said this last December) Well, that time I couldn't update my blog for I was lazy, I mean I was having my examinations at school. I was so extremely passed out.

anw, this update will all about be my personal things :)

January 1, 2011
That day was a cloudy day until my mom said, "Let's go to Prapat!"
I was like in between "Let's go!" and lazy cause I don't like going out but well, I chose to go :) I was bored at home.

Preparation ready, we were about to go until mom said, "Let's go back home." Well, I was kind of happy for it was cancelled. I didn't want to go there anyway and she cancelled her trip cause my mum had a bad feeling.

Night came and my father was about to buy dinner. When he turned on the car, the car broke down (-__-")7 Problem with the car's battery cause it should have been changed as it was running for quite a long period. Well, it didn't took us long to make it function back again luckily :)

January 3, 2011
That morning, I was, oh my god, extremely lazy to get up.
But like or not, I had to get up! My school started for the first day. 

Fully prepared then I went to school. Took me 10 minutes to walk. I entered my classroom and I was greeted by a friend of mine, Lia, the most cheerful lady in the class. Day passed so slowly :( Each lesson passed and my mood bar gradually went down slowly as shown in the formula below.
As an example,
When a student is having a holiday and he has nothing or no lesson to study, then his Lx is 0

MB = - ( 1 - 1/0 ) ; we know that 1 divided by 0 is 'undefined'.
MB = - (1 - undefined) ; we know that 'anything' +/- 'undefined' = 'undefined'.
So, his Mood bar is 'undefined' meaning: UNDEFINED HAPPINESS LOL

Another example,
When a student is having 5 lessons to study at school, then his Lx is 5

MB = - ( 1 - 1/5)
MB = - ( 1 - 0.2 )
So, his Mood bar is -0.8 >> Pretty Bad

One more example,
When a student is having 10 lessons to study, then his Lx is 10

MB = - ( 1 - 1/10)
MB = - ( 1 - 0.1)
So, his Modd bar is -0.9 >> going CRAZY, LOL

Anyway this is just a Silly FAKE-and-for-fun EQUATION! don't take it too seriously :)

January 8, 2011
Perhaps my most shocking moment in January. I was so perplexed to hear that I was the sixth in my class. I was... speechless but I was indeed happy :)
The names below are my classmates' with their rank shown in brackets :)

Larry Djono(1)our class monitor

   (2)Stevent Wongso
                                                    Fredy Kurniawan(4)
(5)Jeanne Wijaya

    Kenneth Anggara(6)the class treasurer

Gabriella Pratini, our class ex-secretary(7)
                               Kelvin Aliyanto(10)