Saturday, December 31, 2011

Best of 2011

Guys, 2011 is going to over, Welcome 2012!!
Today, the last day of 2011 and in this 100 post, I'd love to reveal all best 2011 sweet-bitter moments, best of Katy Perry, my most favorite 2011 home design, and my best 2011 songs.

Goodbye Kent's Inspiration of 2011

I'd like to begin with my moments, my sweet-bitter moments.

From January - December, I'd like to conclude all my best sweet and bitter moments, and here
---------------------------------Countdown from 10
10. A moment with friends, watching "Final Destination 5" - October
I watched this with friends and for most death scenes, I closed my eyes… >__< My friends teased me : “just to pay Rp 25.000 to close eyes”..

9. A news reading lesson from Miss Yunita – January
This is very meaningful to me because she taught us how to perform NR well… How lucky I was to get a leader like her :)

8. A second runner up in Johnson News Reading Competition – April
This was actually my first win in NR Competition, I have never won once before. I was so happy :)

7. A competition with Kevin Lowell – June
A Competition which I'll never forget!! Mr Lowell's works is just too amazing... When can I be like him??

6. A b'day presents from BFFs – May
Thank you Linda, Jessica, JJ, Monica, Ali, and Betty a.k.a Cynthia :)

5. Four operations in 2011
Terribly scary to be told... I have gone through an operation for four times this year, (last year it's twice) it's double now.... Oh God!! Please cure my nail

4. ELDS Last session with Ms. Yunita Lim – Mar
A sad, probably the saddest moment in my 2011 life. This last session was very amazing!! While other leaders disbanded their classes, Miss Yunita made the last session a meaningful one, not a debating session. I name it, Yunita's Last ELDS Class.

3. A Spaghetti from Michelle – Aug
Spaghetti was very delicious! Michelle's cooking is also delicious, I hope she can cook for me again :9

2. My Birthday Party Surprise from classmates – May
You know, It's my shockest moment in my whole 2011. My classmates gave a really shocking surprise for me.. I was about to cry but luckily it didn't happen. Oh yeah, I want to give my special thanks to Lia who gave me a birthday card.

1. A handmade cake to my sweetest Michelle <3 – Aug
My best 2011 moment :) The first time I made a cake, and it's a lava cake... I am so relieved that she liked it... I made this cake with love, heart :)

Katy Perry, my most favorite singer, has made various achievements in 2011, to conclude, here
Firework -

Best Collaboration

From a lesbian to a California girl, to an alien, to a nerd, and to a lonely lady.
Katy Perry has made various achievements in this 2011 :)
  • Firework has won the VIDEO OF THE YEAR
  • E.T. has won the best collaboration in VMA 2011
  • Katy Perry is the MTV's Artist of the year 2011
  • Katy Perry breaks the record!! The only and the first woman to have 5 hits number #1 on billboard hot 100
  • Katy Perry is tone of the 10 most fascinating people of 2011
  • And many more…
check this place
Congratulation Katy Perry!!

These pictures are downloaded mostly from ( in 2011 and here are my 5 most favorite 2011 HOME DESIGN :))

rank 5
rank 4
rank 3

rank 2

rank 1

At last, let's close this with 

MY 2011 SONGS : TOP 50
Top 10

1.  Firework - Katy Perry

2.  Rolling in the Deep - Adele

3.  Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5 ft. Christina Augleria

4.  E.T. - Katy Perry

5.  Just Can’t Get Enough – The Black Eyed Peas

6.  Love on Top - Beyonce

7.  Without You - David Guetta ft. Usher

8.  On the Floor - Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull

9.  Born This Way - Lady Gaga

10.Super Bass - Nicki Minaj


11. Grenade - Bruno Mars

12. The One that Got Away - Katy Perry

13. S&M - Rihanna

14. Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars

15. Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO ft Lauren Bennett & GoonRock

16. We Found Love

17. The Lazy Song

18. Look At Me Now – Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes

19. Last Friday Night - Katy Perry

20. Next to You – Justin Bieber ft. Chris Brown


21. Run The World (Girls) - Beyonce

22. Stereo Hearts – Gym Class Heroes ft. Adam Levine

23. Only Girl – Rihanna

24. The Time (Dirty Bit) – The Black Eyed Peas

25. Tonight (I’m Loving You) – Enrique Iglesias ft. Ludacris & Dj Frank E

26. Till the World Ends - Britney Spears

27. The Edge of Glory - Lady Gaga

28. A Thousand Years - Christina Perri

29. You Make Me Feel – Cobra Starship ft. Sabi

30. Yeah 3x – Chris Brown


31. I Wanna Go - Britney Spears

32. I Need A Doctor – Dr. Dre ft. Eminem & Skylar Grey

33. Give Me Everything – Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer

34. Someone Like You - Adele

35. Price Tag - Jessie J

36. What’s My Name - Rihanna ft. Drake

37. You And I - Lady Gaga

38. Love You Like A love Song - Selena Gomez

39. Lighters – Bad Meets Evil ft. bruno Mars

40. We R Who We R – Ke$ha

41. Like A G6 – Far*East Movement ft. Cataracs & Dev

42. One Republic – Good Life

43. Best Thing I Never Had - Beyonce

44. Back To December - Taylor Swift

45. I’m into You - Jennifer Lopez

46. What The Hell - Avril Lavigne

47. For The First Time – The Script

48. Bottoms Up – Trey Songz ft. Nicki Minaj

49. Domino - Jessie J

50. Who Says - Selena Gomez

It's Almost 12 here,



Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kent's Inspiration 2012

Hello guys :) 2012 is coming so soon… it’s 3 days to go… Isn’t time flowing so fast?? My 2011 was full of meaningful memories. It’s the year I experienced so many bad and good things; the year I can learn from my own experiences and mistakes… In the upcoming 2012, I’d like to announce that Kent’s Inspiration will change its look.

For the  header image, I'd use this picture

The picture background is taken from

For the background, I'd like to use this one

I choose this silver-gray theme and for the background I get Katy Perry colored in silver. Why do I choose silver-gray for 2012? And why do I choose a background of Katy Perry colored in silver?

Now I'll tell you why I love Katy Perry very much and how I began to become her biggest fan :D

Katy Perry is one of the most influential people in my life. I began to become the biggest fan of Katy Perry (Katy Cat) through her song, I Kissed A Girl, Hot 'N Cold and Thinking of You
I Kissed a girl (

Hot 'N Cold (
Thinking of You (
In 2010, She released her album, Teenage Dream, and released her first single of her album, California Gurls. I really love this song. Katy Perry here is very beautiful, the music video is very creative.. The music video is just too great!!

The California Gurl is shocked at the jelly bear who shows its middle finger

Katy Perry Climbing a snake to stay away from the other snakes
The California Gurl is Naked and laying on the pinky clouds
The California Gurl is ATTACKING!!
Katy Perry's second single of Teenage Dream Album is Teenage Dream :D
The Music Video is, yeah, not appropriate for teenagers below 18. But the song is really good, her voice is so stunning..

Teenage Dream Cover (
The song starts with Katy Perry in a car with her bf
Katy Perry looks beautiful here :D
Katy Perry and her friends dancing at the beach
Later, her third single, Firework was released and it soon became the most influential song to me. It gets a powerful meaning which bring a big change to me. Katy Perry, I LOVE YOU!!

The song begins
Katy Perry shooting Firework
Katy Perry singing "WHAATTT" (see the music video at 3:10)
The crowds are making a firework. In the middle is Katy Perry
The song gonna ends soon
Her latter singles; E.T, Last Friday Night(T.G.I.F), and The One that Got Away were big success in 2011 :) 
E.T. - I love Katy Perry's cover here (
Last Friday Night Cover (

The One that Got Away (

Katy Perry's hard work is payed. Her achievements in 2011 are WOOWW!! She is the only and the first woman who gets her 5 songs of her Teenage Dream Album reach the first in billboard hot 100. She is also the Artist of the Year 2011. Plus, She is one of the 10 most fascinating people 2011.. Congratulation to Katy Perry!! I love you so much♥ I'm really waiting for Katy Perry's next singles :DD

Katy Perry receiving an award from MTV - best collaboration VMA(
Katy Perry receiving an award from MTV - artist of the year VMA(
Why I choose silver-gray theme for my 2012 is because:
  • Silver is one of my favorite colors
  • Silver, to me, it's a symbol of inspirations and lucks
  • I want Silver colored my 2012 life
  • I want Silver before I obtain Gold
  • I want to turn my darkest dreams into silverish dreams
5 reasons, there should be more but I can’t tell you with words.. haha..
Oh yeah, I colored Katy Perry in silver because I want silver colored Katy Perry’s music in the upcoming 2012 :)

May all people dreams come true and may silver colored everyone’s life in the upcoming 2012 :) See you all in my next post.. Bye-bye..

Next on Kent's Inspiration: 50 most favorite 2011 songs



Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Third Digital Painting

Haha.. today we meet again.. Just now, I was with my friend, giving a surprise for Linda... (That's why I was in a big hurry) Not a surprise actually, because I came late -_____- haha.. Well, I really want to see how Linda looks like when my friend, Jessica gave her a birthday cake.. Arrghh, I was late, latee... Happy Birthday Linda!! Hope you enjoy the cake :D

Anyway, what I want to share today is my third digital painting, entitled Angel (I copied it from Stephanie Valentin's work)... 9 hours with mouse!!! It took me 9 hours to complete this stuff.. -_____- The result, for me is not quite okay especially in the wing part... I don't know how to draw themm.. haha... I use Adobe Photoshop to draw this and now I know that the most important tools to digital paint are Brush, Smudge tool and the filter : Gaussian Blur..

This is it, with some edits from me...

a bit lousy, huh? don't you think so? I just want to make auroras but the result, ya know, it looks more like the angel is farting hahaha...

Oh yeah I'd like to say (although it's late) Merry Christmas!!



Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!

I come back XD !!! Today, 22 December 2011, Mother's Day is celebrated here... And today's the last test in Sutomo I but... many students failed in physics including me.. Waargghh!!... Physics makes sick!!

Okay, just don't discuss that as it can ruin my too long holiday (14 days)!! too long, isn't it? I need more holidays to relax myself from the exhausting schedules... 


Happy Mother's Day, mommy!!

A gift from me : a big hug and a sweet kiss for my most beloved mother :)
A gift to me    : an F in physics TT__TT (F*CKING PHYSICS, I HATE YOU!!)

Thanks for mom's attention, affection, and love. Thank you for every good thing you say, give, and teach to me :) I LOVE YOU MOM ♥♥♥



Saturday, December 10, 2011

"APA KABAR" from Katy Perry

Wahhhhh!!! Katy Perry says "APA KABAR!" to Indonesia... I love you Katy Perry<3 I love you so much!!! "Apa kabar" too Katy Perry!! I wish I could see your concert.. TT__TT mommy don't allow me to go so, huahuhuhu TT___TT

Mommy change your mind please!! I want it so badly!!



Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Second Digital Painting

Guys, I have just finished my digital painting. It took me approximately 2 hours to finish it. I was quite proud with the result although it still needs a lot of improvements. My second digital art is about "eye" painted in black and white using Adobe Photoshop. I plagiarize it from Stephanie Valentin, my favorite artist :D

yeah!! I think digital painting is quite fun XD I really want to improve my ability here and I want to produce super digital artworks...

this is mine:

this one belongs to Stephanie Valentin

This is my 2-hour-project though it differs a lot from the original. How do ya think?? Personally, The artist artwork is much better because it looks much softer than mine and I still need to have learn a lot.



Sunday, November 20, 2011


The "20.11.2011" will save a bad memory for me.. 
Well, I was really really mad and now I am still very upset!! How can I lose in the News Reading Competition?? How can I lose to the second and the third rank?? So funny...

Lemme tell you, the #2 is a super over-confident participant. She made a super funny gesture which in the true News Reading, overusing gestures are not allowed. In the closing of her news report, she made a "W" with her right hand and shouted "W News". How could she place the #2?? See, how unprofessional the judges are!

And then goes to the #3. The #3 is not very good. Her pronunciation is not very good, her intonation is very funny, very Indonesian accent!! She was not very good but how can she place the #3?? Maybe one thing, the judges are native Indonesians, so they let her placed the #3 (#1 and #2 are not native)...

You know, one of the judges said, "In News Reading, participant do not just merely reading but need to summarize the script by using 5W+1H, so it's not easy and bla..bla... " WTH is that?? As long as I know, in News Reading, participants should read what is written in the scripts and could add more additional information but not summarize information...

I am expressing my madness toward IMSI's News Reading judges who are both unprofessional and unqualified!! The IMSI should actually hire better judges... But those things had passed. It's no use for me to be so angry because nothing could change... Expressing it here in words really makes me better :D

Goodbye 20.11.2011!!


Saturday, November 12, 2011

The One That Got Away

In the Middle of her busyness, Katy Perry has launched her sixth single, "The One That Got Away". "The One That Got Away" is released exactly yesterday, 11 November 2011 (11.11.11). Have you watched the video? If not, You MUST watch it!! Well, the video begins with an old man and an old Katy Perry and.. (SPOILER ALERT!!)

 Katy Perry to Old Katy Perry
Katy Perry - The One That Got Away

Personally saying, this song is very super!! The lyrics are deeply meaningful to me, and the video is so great that I watched it over and over. The opening is very creative and so is the ending... The music?? Well, I FREAKING LOVE THE MUSIC VERY VERY MUCH and the beat is wonderfully wonderful!! words can't even describe how amazing this video is!! One of Katy Perry's super best song and best video, I can say :D


Thursday, October 27, 2011

1st Anniversary of Kent's Inspiration

Happy Birthday Kent's Inspiration, my lovely blog :D

A year has passed in this blog with 90 posts including this one... so quick!! My blog is now one-year-old :D I wish it can grow up much more well :p and be more useful to other people. All the best!!

Anyway, I wanna thank my blog for it has been my place where I can pour my feelings, my emotions, my problems, my experiences, and my favorite things... Well, writing blog can make my feelings much better, blogging enables me to share my favorite things, problems and experiences with others, but the most important is with blog, I can brush up my English :D Thank you blog

Happy first anniversary Kent's Inspiration!! I love you so much :D

to celebrate my blog's birthday and to end this post, let's celebrate it with Fireworks!! Let's sing together!!!!


Monday, September 05, 2011

Horror Movie: Insidious

I do not intend to spoil in this post but I consider "Insidious" to be quite an interesting western horror movie. Give it a watch.

Well, at first, I'm not that interested in watching this movie but I'm so  really curious about the movie. It states that 'it is not the house that is haunted' so what's the movie about? That's what I thought that time. I tried to explore the movie and I found it was okay, not bad. Does it make sense though? Not quite to me. It is predictable like every other western horror movie (only no sex in the movie). The music and the bass, however, are considered to be quite successful in bringing the horror theme in this movie
It is very interesting how sound can give you a heart attack. This is indeed what scared me a lot! The music here helps tons to intensify the horror!
Who is she? Neither ghost nor a demon. I am telling you, she is ...

For those who haven't seen it, give it a shot. goodbye :)


Monday, August 29, 2011

Artworks - 2

Now that the camera has been fixed, I would like to show my works :)


What do you think??

Well, These are what I am going to finish as quickly as possible.
4 projects in a week -_______- 
drive me crazy . . .

A sketch of Living room
A blur sketch of a bedroom
a new project - 1

a new project - 2

Well, Art is super amazing!! Every move of your hand, your creativity, and your feeling or emotion, will create super works that are different from other people. All works are wonderful!! This is what art means to me...

Every person's hand works is unique! That's what art is!!



Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bye" Exam

Goodbye exams, I hate you!!

I was having examinations since last Monday and at last, it is now OVER!! haha... Goodbye exams!!

Well, I'd like to start from my first and worst examination, MATHEMATICS, chapter : Integral... I just could solve half of the questions (15/30) and I found myself so careless and too focus on my unsolved questions TT__TT it's a waste of time!! Huhh...

Next exam, Indonesian Literature and Language (Bahasa Indonesia). Quite difficult, I could say. Go on!! The next day, 17 August 2011, was Indonesia Independence Day, so that was a HOLIDAY!! But TT__TT I still had to prepare for the next day exam, Physics x__x Well, the physics test was much much easier than Mathematics!!

After physics, I had holiday on 19 August 2011, a holiday specially given to us, science students :D But it actually demands us to prepare for the next exam that was TT__TT Biology... I don't really like Biology but, at least, I could get at least 8 for my Biology :DD I am sure for it!! The next day was Sunday and day-off again haha..

Monday, 22 August 2010. It was my chemistry examination hahaha... Well, I am sure I just made one mistake, but let's see after I get my tabulation... And at last, Today was my last examination, Civics and English... The Civics was quite easy but the English, uhh, I was so damn foolish!! I changed two of my correct answers.. aarghhh!!

Well, I just hope I don't get so bad mark in Mathematics or I will be punished by my math teacher. I just have to get prepared for "vampire-jumping" TT__TT



Saturday, August 13, 2011

It's ....

Well, as my promise, I will tell ya :)

Today was....

I am very happy today. Today went very very well... I gave her a panda, a box of dark chocolate, and my unsuccessful handmade mini cake >< ya know, when I first gave her the presents, she kinda look very surprised haha..

I just hope that she like my presents.. About my unsuccessful cake, it's actually a chocolate mini cake... I don't know whether it's delicious or not, but she said that she loved it and her brother loved it too while my siblings don't like it. Did she really mean it? Or perhaps, did she said it to please me? haha...

Well, Today was the sweetest moment that I must NEVER forget!! It's going to be in my memory, ALWAYS!!



Thursday, August 11, 2011

Soon ;)

Soon... Soon...

It'll be her sweetest 17th :D I have prepared something special for her birthday :) A special handmade thing :DD

What is it?? Well, I will tell ya later in my next post, exactly tomorrow...

Wish me luck for tomorrow, okay :)



Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Happy Valentine Day| Valentine Day Wishes | Valentine Day Greetings |

Well, it's going to be her birthday soon, exactly this Saturday, 13 August 2011. And I still haven't thought of one good present for her.
Last time, I presented her my hand-made drawing. And she loved it, luckily...

Now, please help me think of something that girl loves so much... I don't have any good idea. I actually wanna buy a necklace for her but I'm afraid she will act very ill-feel and throw away my gift >< 

My second idea was to make her a birthday cake. Make not buy... What do you think? I think it's not quite a good idea because I'm afraid that I make a bad birthday cake for her and make her stomachache and ruin her birthday... No no no!!!
My third one was to give her a teddy bear. It was not a good idea actually. It  doesn't sound so special.. Want me to make her feel, like she's the only one in the worldd~ I want to give her something very special because maybe... Ahh forget about it...

I am still confused what to buy for her present... Any suggestion??