Monday, November 22, 2010


Yes!! Speech? It seems that I gradually developed an interest in speech. Well, I lost in my speech competition last Sunday. oh no!! Lost again! But I didn't regret as that was my first time in speech competition and from that, I have got a valuable experience that I could learn from haha. 

I met a little girl who studies in Sutomo I, Sevien, in the competition. ya know.. She has already become the champion in last year and last two year's competitions. And suprisingly, she is now only a junior high school student! She really got a very good pronunciation, and one more thing she has the attribute I don't have, POWER!! I listened to her when she was practicing that time, and I was pretty amazed with her pronunciation, intonation, and POWER.

She looked kinda worry whether she could win from the student named Mevin(?), Maivin, ah whatever, who is currently a senior high school student. She was so worried that she would be defeated from 'that' Mevin.

She is a kind girl and a cute one, I could say, that makes me love speech so much. I wish I were a good speaker like her. But, everyone has different speaking style and copying other people style might not be a good choice.. 



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